Saturday, June 11, 2011


I am...
  • Type 1 (for what I guestimate is 14 years)
    - No major complications (yet)
    - Slightly tingly extremities now and again
    - Self diagnosed with work induced carpal tunnel
  • Early/Mid-20s
  • Female
    - 3 Brothers (which makes my understanding of gender roles completely screwy)
  • Pumper
    - Minimed Paradigm
    - Dexcom (aka my egg)
  • Mild Technophile
    - HTC Aria (aka my very abused link to the world)
    - HP Tablet PC
  • Avid Rock Climber (thus the blog title)
    - Indoors (2 years)
    - Outdoors (3 years)
  • Biomedical Engineer (starting my PhD in t-minus 3 months)
    - Biomechanics
    - Physiological Modeling
  • All Over the North East of the U.S.
    - NJ for most of my past years (and the next few)
    - CT for all of my undergraduate and my master's degree (6 years)
    - NH (my parents moved further North about 3 years ago)
  • In Love With Bullet Points
I'm starting this mostly for myself as a motivator. I am making a promise to take better care of myself. Plus, as an engineer, I only get to write lab reports and grant proposals. Gotta use my writing skills before I start to lose them. Since I've got a summer break til I'm in school for another 4 years, I also need some way to bide my time. Come on back for more!

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