Monday, June 13, 2011

Parents Just Don't Understand

Patience is the key when living at home. Unfortunately, it's been less than a week and my patience is already wearing thin. My mom wants me to start organizing stuff in the house and chucking stuff. I am cute and smart, but I am not a minimalist. I'm their kid. I like my stuff. She proceeded to wander around my bedroom for 5 minutes poking and prodding the boxes. "Why did you buy a yoga mat? I have one downstairs." I know I could have parents who don't care, but right now, I'd like them to just be a little more understanding instead of inquisitive. Stress doesn't affect my blood sugar or mood at all, right? (exit sarcasm)

Today, I managed to get up and convince myself to eat some light breakfast (greek yogurt and a banana). I followed that up with some phone calls and apartment hunting online. Broke a sweat with 30 minutes on the Wii after confirming that the result of the number on the bathroom scale wasn't my imagination (because technology never lies). More water instead of soda or juice [Day 2]. I nibbled on a veggie burger between some slices of cabbage and managed to get only a smidge of the condiments on my pjs.

Mowed the lawn for my dad (aka he watched while I did most of it instead of going to the gym as he originally intended). Emptied the dishwasher. Watched alot of crappy tv. I can't seem to find anything to motivate me to explore NH especially when I have to wear an extra layer for warmth.

All in all, the monitoring and substituting food seems to be sticking and helping. Dexcom hasn't been alarming high all day and it's actually at an appropriate number before I'm going to bed. I've managed to get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep for the past 4 days. Now to try a regular and preferably normal sleep schedule. Time to close the laptop and catch some zzzs.

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