Thursday, June 16, 2011

Climbing Swirls of Frozen Yogurt

So yesterday was the first sunny day in NH for a week, aka my first week here. I was actually disappointed because it was the first day I had plans to do something fun.

I woke up and watched two YOU CAN DO IT! project videos and cried three times (Yes, one video made me cry twice). Motivated myself to work out for 30 minutes trying to a little more yoga and strength training instead of aerobics (must built muscle, must speed up metabolism).

My afternoon was spent managing the drive into Boston. I went to visit my younger bro for much needed sibling video game time. We played through the first 3 chapters of the co-op of Portal 2 over...3 hours? I made the mistake of meeting my friend at his apartment, which required me to drive through Cambridge in the middle of rush hour. Apparently, he works 2 T-stops from where my brother goes to school. Silly Boston!

My buddy and I decided to grab Thai food followed by frozen yogurt. This was easily the largest meal I've eaten in a week. After SWAG bolusing and re-bolusing, my blood sugar crept up twice past 200 according to my Dexcom (Eggy to the rescue...). Sometimes, I get worried about over-reacting to the Dex. I keep bolusing and bolusing without checking how many lingering units are in my body (active-ins). Anyone have any tips for checking how long active ins actually stay in and effective? My doctor had me set my active-in time to 3 hours wayyyy back when and I have a feeling it's changed. Post-prandials only seem to check I:C ratios...

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