Monday, June 20, 2011

Climbing to Better Days

So this weekend was amazing. Partly because my parents were out of town (thus, I managed to find my ever absent social life) and partly because my friends make my world go around. I spent Friday night into Saturday night in Boston and then manage to catch appetizers and a movie with one of my favs from CT further up into northern MA.

BUT all of that ridiculousness along with very little sleep and father's day meant that I slept for about 10 hours over two evenings. I also haven't worked out since Friday afternoon or eaten quite as healthy as I originally planned. Not a lot of vegetables or fruit those two days...

Boston on Saturday was pretty awesome because I forgot that there was the Stanley Cup Parade. The city was a madhouse even though we went in just after the parade had ended. My buddy J and I grabbed some mexican food mear the downtown crossing stop (fajitas are fairly healthy) and then walked to Mass General (about a mile). We wandered around the hospital and checked out the Ether dome, which is where Ether and modern anesthesia were really "discovered". We walked another 1.5 miles in the 90-degree weather to the Back Bay T-stop and rode back to his place to soak in some AC while watching an episode of project runway.

My bro wanted to hang out for a little bit (needed some sisterly advice), which required a little navigating of Cambridge with a dropping BG and driving with glucose tabs. After that we grabbed a cheeseburger sub from this cool place called Pizza Vazza. I decided the sisterly thing to do was leave the fries for him to chow on later.

Back in the car to drive an hour North towards NH, I finally arrive sans BG issues to my next destination. My friend S and I grab our tickets to see The Art of Getting By. Since we had an hour to kill, we chilled at some place called Joe's and noshed on some yummy ahi tuna chips that were delicious and low carb. The movie was not quite were we expected, but I loved when Freddy Highmore said he was allergic to his own hormones. I totally feel that as a diabetic.
The super fun part was when I realized my pump ran out of insulin in the middle of the movie. There were extra supplies in the car but I wast exactly down with doing a site change at midnight in the dark of my car. I injected some insulin the old fashioned way but I was worried when it just oozed out of my skin. Two shots later, I ended up with way too much insulin on board. It worked out in the end with lots of glucose tabs but it wasn't fun by any means.

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