Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Diabetes Wonder

I have gone from feeling like a diabetes burnout super-freak to feeling like the diabetic wonder-child.

Today, I visited a Certified Diabetes Educator in...3 or 4 years. My mom and I had an awesome relationship with my last CDE. When I outgrew the peds clinic and my parents moved to NH, I transferred to Dr. Awful and hadn't seen a CDE since. What that meant is that some of those awesome Diabetes skills I had acquired over the years (aka knowing what to do in emergencies, how to rotate my sites, tips and tricks) had gotten a little rusty over the years. For instance, my pump broke and I tried giving a shot into my arm muscles instead of arm fat. If you're really that curious, remember that I highly recommend AGAINST it.

Anyways, I had a few discussion points I was interested in: Alternate sites because my stomach is starting to look like Swiss Cheese; Adjustments to my Insulin to Carb Ratio: More tips for dual wave bolusing cause what I've tried so far hasn't quite worked.

All in all her answers while mostly textbook were all laced with the same theme: You're an empowered, smart, and motivated Diabetes patient aka wonder-child. She raved about how good everything looked and how I should stick to what I'm doing with some slight modifications here and there.

Now all in all, I haven't been anywhere near a good diabetic patient in years. What changed? I got a Dexcom and started reading more about awesome diabetics online. Actually, truth be told, the reading was probably what motivated me to switch to the Dex. Point is that behind every "good" diabetic is a lot of people: Doctors, Family, Friends. Ultimately, having someone who knows what it's like living with this crazy condition day after day really gives you a kick in the pants. It makes you aspire to be better and remember that you're human. So, thank you DOC for motivating me to take better care of myself.

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