Friday, July 29, 2011

Traveling & Surprise Vacations

I hate being all over the place. Scatter-brained checklists everywhere and anxiety laced with panic setting in.

I don't do well with living out of bags. Especially because I always like to be prepared and look appropriate for the destination. Which means that I have no idea how to pack light. I'm always thinking about pouring rain and cold breezes or bug bites and emergency situations. I wanna have six of everything but I know that impossible to carry that much stuff around comfortably. As it is, I always get looks of worry from lugging around and overstuffed duffel bag plus my school backpack (which houses my laptop and other random things). Regardless of the situation, I always end up with one too many "emergency" outfits and things that I don't touch at all, but in the same token, I ALWAYS forget something I wish I had brought.

On my latest excursion to no where terribly exciting to see family, I managed to forget to bring along an extra Dexcom sensor for Eggy mostly because I assumed, I'd get at least the extra 3 or 4 days that I needed to survive the extra 3 or 4 days I was out of town. Unfortunately, traveling makes me sweat and fidget with seatbelts which coincidentally makes Eggy's sensors peel. And that peeling was what led to the stingy feeling in my side that comes from the sensor coming a little bit out and then going back in a little bit (because those things are dull yet extremely sharp all at the same time). So I pulled it right out thinking I had an extra one.

I panicked for exactly 3 minutes. And then I breathed a great big sigh of relief. Because, yes, despite how much I love my CGM, I love my time without my CGM. One less D-tech thing I have to carry around. Plus, no serious fears of losing it (leaving it in the bathroom, slipping out of my pocket during a walk in the park, running out of my car, taking out the trash, and the list goes on). I enjoyed my Dexcom vacation a little longer than I had to and now I've got a new sensor in about 5 days later.

The alerts are nice. The Dexcom 7+ Sensor System is way more fun than I had I with 6 months of Minimed's shell-shaped Guardian/Paradigm sensor. It works better and is more functional for me when I can hold onto/remember where I put Eggy. But yea, sometimes it stresses me out and sometimes I bolus/eat without actually doing a finger-stick. Not all technology is good and useful (ESPECIALLY if you overreact to it). And even when it is good or useful, sometimes few days without it makes you remember to smell the roses, or the alcohol wipes on your finger tips, more often. I enjoyed my vacation so much, I think someday probably not until winter break I may want to take a full technology break: no Dexcom, no pump, no smartphone (GASP, could be hard). Of course that silly meter has to come along, but hey I can have my dreams right?

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