Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Oh Hi There Late Night

Being a perpetual college student, I spent many many years sleeping 2-4 hours a night without a problem. As I've progressed in my studies and gotten older, I realize that my body doesn't respond well to major changes to my odd but regularly scheduled eight hours of rest that needs me to be in bed by midnight or 1 am. While my schedule is flexible, it has some preferred order on most days.

Case and point: Last night, I stayed up well past my bedtime and woke up less than two hours later in a sweaty panic-driven mess. I wrestled all of the sheets and blankets of me and wrestled the pillows to find my CGM aka Eggy unusually silent. Not quite at the LOW stage but definitely in the red at a reading of 51 mg/dl, I gauged whether or not my legs were solid enough to handle my weight. The shakiness of my knees while I was still laying down said definitely not. Stop. Think. Think. Think. Where's the sugar at? Juice boxes! Luckily, I had stocked up on those weird Capri Sun packs during my last bulk buying binge. Except during my last cleaning binge, I had put the boxes just outside my beside reach. I destroyed the Jenga game I was playing on my nightstand with my water bottle, tissues, lamp, vitamins, books, snack pile, etc. without a care. I stabbed the first pouch and thought I gulped it down too quickly. Of course there's a little grape juice puddle on my pillow... In my still ensuing panic, I reached and stabbed another packet. But I still didn't feel like I had satisfied my low blood sugar eating rage so instead of rushing to the kitchen to find the plethora of health-*cough*sugar*cough*-laden treats that were hiding on my kitchen table, I grabbed three handfuls of almonds and stuffed them to my face. Chomping down on them like a chipmunk made my heart stop racing.

Fade to the morning where I woke up to a reading of 179 mg/dl, little chunks of almonds in my gums, the sheets twisted into a rubberband ball, and a headache. Gotta love the D rollercoaster ride.