Friday, October 19, 2012

Oops, I Did It Again....

Britney Spears lyrics are the lingering mark of my teenage years and remain firmly embedded in my memory regardless of how much I'd rather have that space for anything else. Anyways..

Yesterday, I revisited my last blog post a little too literally and very out of the blue. Note that the time stamps on my meter are extremely wrong since this happened at 3 or 4 in the afternoon...

Purple Mini One Touch Meter BG 24

Since I thought it was impossible to hit this hypoglycemic benchmark twice in under two months (two years, two decades, ever?!), I swiftly rechecked it even though logic defies seeing a radical low because of meter error to find this:

Purple Mini One Touch Meter BG 20

I survived the low after three juice boxes and with no harm done to anything/anyone else. Of course, this necessitated a revisit to my last blog post in a more fun way. So without ado:

Things My Blood Sugar Should Not Equal (version 2):
1. Vigesimal
2. Music Album Names (Boyz II Men, Lynyrd Skynrd, Harry Connick Jr.)
3. Age which you cannot be considered a teenager anymore
4. Half of a late-night tv show made famous by Barbara Walters
5. Ounces in a Venti-sized Starbucks drink
6. A question game reserved for car rides (in my mind)
7. Protein Building Amino Acids
8. Andrew Jackson's US monetary bill
9. Platinum Anniversary
10. Atomic number of Calcium

Diabetes is hilarious sometimes.