Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Hunt for Red October?

Or in my case a new diabetes doctor.

I'm a little overdue. I haven't seen my endocrinologist since December and usually only see her every 6 months. My spidey senses told me something was up at my last appointment when the receptionist told me that she couldn't gauge their schedule out 6 months in advance (usually that's how specialist scheduling works - maaaaaany months in advance) and said they'd call me when they could make me an appointment. I officially found out in March that she was leaving the practice for dustier pastures (Google tells me she moved to Arizona).

Losing a doctor that you have a good rapport with is akin to getting a giant tear in your favorite pair of jeans (I love the idea of shopping but I hate trying on clothes). Nothing fits. No one understands the system you had. The method you loved. The relationship with all the stories. Small talk that wasn't so small. The fact that the relationship was perfectly worn in so there's no more breaking in and testing out to do and very few surprise reactions.

A major part of the difficulty in finding a new doctor is even getting your foot in the door (including ascertaining if they are covered in your insurance plan). You would think it would be pretty simple in a relatively metropolitan area with an abundance of doctors and hospitals in the vicinity of a walk down the block. But no. "We're not accepting new patients at this time." - Can you tell me when you will be? Why can't you put that on your menu of choices between Receptionist and Prescription Refills so I don't have to wait on hold for 30 minutes to find that out?

2-3 hours of phone calls later, I found myself an appointment that wasn't scheduled for October or November but luckily in the first week of August. I'm actually seeing a nurse practioner instead of an actual Endo but that's just the luck of the draw. The only thing that makes me feel better is that it's supposedly a diabetes care clinic that has a highly recommended doctor. I know the chance of me seeing her are slim, but here's to hoping that the talent/skill/knowledge rubs off so that I find a doc who is understanding and a team player.

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  1. Such a hard thing to do, you're right. And so damn time consuming!

    I hope you like the new place, and that they are helpful and treat you well. Keep us posted...