Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Sometimes I wish I could hit refresh on my diabetes care like I hit refresh on my browser (I'm a Chrome kid people if you care). Broken link. Staring at old images. That silly java applet broke. Refresh to the rescue. Broken testers? Staring at unchanging number? That silly infusion site that got clogged? No such solution to this case. But!

I like to think of the Diabetes Online Community (DOC for short- we're working on the blue suits and sunglasses like the FBI but snazzier) as my refresh button. I've been hiding in the real world unfortunately and at best lurking in the background. But that I can hit refresh on my blog and my twitter account. Right?


  1. Right... I guess you can think of it as a do-over too (though, unfortunately, we can't do-over our lives without diabetes).

  2. Yep, anytime. We're just a refresh button and a few minutes of reading away.

    Sometimes I need a good, old-fashioned reboot. :-)

  3. More like a re-image. Wipe out the hard drive and do a fresh install. Erase the cruft.