Friday, December 16, 2011

The Best Laid Plans

I was planning on penning a letter to Eggy (my faithful Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitor) today.

Instead, I'm here to tell you that I am unwell. Somehow over the sleepless nights, lots of diet coke, and preparation for my exams, I have managed to acquire a urinary tract infection and some sort of happy cold. And because of that, I am MISERABLE. If you've never had a UTI before, be very, VERY grateful. It hurts. And requires lots and lots of water. I feel a little bit like a fish...

How does Diabetes factor into this whole thing? Well since D is an autoimmune condition, my awesome rampant immune system seems to get confused and makes me more susceptible to viruses and bacteria. It took me many years to understand how my overactive immune system wasn't fighting off every bacteria or virus that came along my way.

Trying to figure out how to balance sleep, studying, and my health just got MUCH harder. Only 3 more days til my exams are over...

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  1. I feel like I get sick more often that others, too. If someone around me has a cold or sinus infection, it's pretty much guaranteed that I'll be getting it, too. :( Hope you feel better soon, Maria!