Friday, August 5, 2011

Bad Sites

I feel like putting in an infusion site nowadays is like digging for gold: Random and nonsensical.

A few weeks ago, my CDE and I discussed potential alternates from my stomach. After having an insulin pump for about a decade (2 upgrades later, that seems crazy) and recently acquiring a CGM that actually works for me, I feel like I need to give my tummy a break. There are little white scars everywhere on my brown skin that make me feel like I'm artificially giving myself reverse freckles.

Anyway, now the outside edges of my tummy (aka my lovehandles [eww]) are reserved for the Dexcom and the infusion sets are wandering. I've been comfortable enough to try the back side of my hips. I was afraid mostly because I didn't think I was flexible to comfortably get the site in with the sil-serter (makes me think of soft serve ice cream for some reason [#takethatwendell anyone?]). It's awkward but I've gotten to work for me with one very large caveat.

I can only use my left hip. Every site I've tried (I'm up to 4) on my right hip has ended up being a vampire infusion set. After putting one in that seemed fine for the 10 minutes I was watching it, I went shopping today and found the following image awaiting for me in the dressing room mirror.

It's a little hard to tell, but basically that's a lot of blood that's crusting around somewhere where there should be any. That's definitely an infusion site fail. The little dot to the left of it is one of the earlier ones that bled out and left my blood sugar running high for about 8 hours overnight (reasons not to change infusion sites before bed). I thought human bodies were supposed to be relatively symmetrical. I just want it to work. I hate having to change them early. I also don't want to be worrying about not hitting a vessel in addition to worrying about not hitting scar tissue. Some part of my body has to play nice, right?


  1. Wow that is crazy, I just can't see my self using a pump I don't like the idea of a metal object permanently being inside my body.
    I can see the benefits of using a pump though but for my they don't out way the disadvantages.

  2. No metal. Just plastic. I'd definitely be wary of metal in me. Most of the time you can't feel it. And you can disconnect for showers and other stuff (although some are water proof). I like the flexibility. I have a schedule that changes 24/7 and stays pretty busy. Square meals and shots are difficult for me to think of after being on a pump for so long. But I definitely understand the reasons against one. I usually hate mine when I'm trying to dress up but love it for appetizers.