Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Short Bits: Sugar Tales

Woke up to Eggy alarming at 3 am. Rustled a bottle of tabs from underneath my bed from a recent trip to CVS. Thoroughly chewed 3 and fell asleep with the fourth one just chilling on my tongue. Unwittingly fell asleep. I woke up 10 minutes later with a horribly painful burning sensation in my sinuses. I stayed awake for another 30 minutes. New method to remember to test after 15 minutes? I don't recommend trying this at home.


Splurged and bought some of the crazy cool (and somewhat trendy but who I am I to judge?) designer Glucolift Glucose Tabs on Amazon. I was surprised at how much more chewing was required for consumption. I never thought I'd miss the chalky dissolve-on-contact texture of ubiquitous pharmacy brand tabs. However, they definitely do taste more delicious. More like a treat to use these for treating a low which is not necessarily a good thing. I kind of like gross things to treat lows to persuade me to avoid them but maybe I'm a little masochistic like that.


One Filled Twizzler is too much sugar to treat a low, but half of one is just right. That's why I had a bag of stale stuffed Twizzlers on my night stand for about 2 weeks. They're cheaper than juice boxes...


I've gotten worse about carrying sugar sources around, which has led to more creative ways of treating lows (aka the random sweet things hiding in my cubicle). I popped 1/4th of a small box of candy hearts in my mouth at work. When eating those endearing little organ shaped sugar cubes, know that they are not as soft as they should be. They're more like marbles. Sarcastic hardened hearts. Especially if you try to talk and chew them at the sane time...I did. Twice. Remember to consume these one at a time.

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  1. this is fun! i can't wait to read more!

    i love glucolift. have you met the adorable owner/creators?