Friday, May 11, 2012

Bullet Points: Catching Up

So it's been a little more than a month since I've last posted and way too much stuff has happened. I promise to come back and write real posts about some of this stuff but for now, all you get is the abbreviated version:

  • I finished my first year of doctoral classes.
    • Many, many all nighters
    • May have given myself a stomach ulcer (not really)
  • I love seeing old friends.
    • Somethings never change
    • Especially in NYC
    • Time flies!
  • A neighbor backed into my rear passenger side door.
    • No human damage
    • Car still drives
    • Mostly other driver's fault (Insurance split it 80%-20%)
  • My doctors suspect I have developed Diabetes Peripheral Neuropathy (DPN).
    • Almost 15 years complication free
    • Intermittent numbness in my feet
    • Diverging opinions between two primary care physicians
    • Started taking a B-complex vitamin
    • Still investigating my next steps
  • I spent 12 hours in the ER.
    • Somehow double bolused too much insulin when out with friends
    • Extreme disorientation
    • Blood sugar of 28 mg/dl & unresponsive for 30 minutes while in the ER
    • My friends are awesome at taking care of me
I'm sure there's more stuff but those are the things that are glaring in my mind. Oh yea, in case you missed it, I was Fan of the Week over at the Blue Heel Society. Check them out, because they're awesome.

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  1. Keep up all of the hard work Maria! You're going to be of so much help to so many (I mean, you already are, but you're taking it to the next level)!

    Scary to hear about that low... I'm glad you are alright and that you had good friends around.