Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Endo Visits and New Forgetful Starts

So. I saw my endo before I left my parents place to start my life at grad school with a "clean diabetes" record. Everything is up to date for a while and my HbA1c?
Pictures don't lie. I'm doing okay. There were somethings I should have probably asked about (primarily about my stomach) but I was to enamored by my great stats with less lows. I'm as healthy as I could be. More exercise wouldn't kill me but in terms of numbers and diabetes, I'm doing good.

My first day of classes went fairly well despite being exhausted from lots of driving with an 8:40 am class. I think I've talked about having diabetes quite a bit to my new classmates enough that they won't forget I have it. (Yes, I can eat that but no, I don't want some now; Yes those are glucose pills and yes I eat them for almost every one of my many lows; No I don't need some orange juice. I'm just annoyed with this homework). However, I will forget some of my diabetes essential and non-essential devices in random and sometimes untraceable places.

We decided to have our first study group on campus in one of the student dorms since they have much larger living rooms than my apartment. We eventually traveled from one room to another and finally figured out our homework woes. When I was getting ready to leave, I realized I didn't have Eggy (my Dexcom reciever) anddddd the panic sets in. Freaking out, I retraced my steps and unpacked/repacked my bag between 3 and 30 times. I was just about to give up when my classmate picked up his phone, let us into his dorm, and found it on the floor of his kitchen.

The lesson I learned? I need another SPIbelt. With Two Pockets. And preferably a clear window for both of them. Which I think is a dream. Or maybe a very expensive CUSTOM hope. One of these days I'll figure out how to walk around without losing/forgetting one of my many diabetic accoutrements somewhere. Til then, I'll keep my fingers crossed and keep patting my pockets

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